Tampopo – Poppy Felties For Everyone

The new EP from Danish indiepop band Tampopo features four songs and each one has been written for friends of theirs as a way of saying thank you for their support. The opening song Heinz, Hamburg’s Not So Far Away is for one Heinz Brassolat which is a name I have noticed more than once in indiepop circles. He also supplies the lovely cover art for not just the whole EP but for each individual song. It’s an old school indie/twee pop track and sets up the EP in fine style.

The second track is titled Casio (er ditto above) and sees the band doing their best C86 impression. It sounds pretty much like 14 Iced Bears in their prime and I love the backing vocals on this one. La Merienda follows and features backing vocals in Spanish (words and voice by Stine Duus Svendsen) alongside a delicious indiepop chant. The title translates as Snack and I am scoffing this one down!

The final track Lynn Chan is the bands reworking of the Glow Cats track of same name. Given that it was Tampopo’s Kasper Clemmensen own compisition for his former band it’s no surprise that it’s a faithful, and now a much better recorded, cover.

Poppy Felties For Everyone is a lovely, “old school” indiepop EP. You can get it from here.


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