The Popguns – Carrying The Fire EP

The Popguns have built upon the two tracks they submitted to WIAIWYA for their recent The Moon And Back – One Small Step For Global Pop compilation celebrating the 50th anniversary of the The Apollo 11 Moon landings (or did they eh, eh?) for this new EP – or Space Operetta as the band say.

Both of the aforementioned contributed tracks are here and one, the title track with it’s title lifted from astronaut Michael Collins’ autobiography, is a rousing guitar driven track asking “are you ready to go…….one step” which is sung singer Wendy Pickles in a raucous manner. The second of those tracks is Laws Of Motion which is narrated By David Brand over a steady, mesmerising electronic beat with Pickles supplying background “humming” before asking that question once more.

Drop Me Off In The Ocean is a semi-acoustic song (er Space Shanty?) which transfers the Apollo 11 return flight to a commute home from work straight to the pub. Yeah – mines a pint. The final effort is a reworking of the opening interlude and the title track once more. Not sure why but, like the whole EP, is entertaining none the less. Go on, take to the stars!

The Carrying The Fire EP will be released on Matinee Recordings or you can get it direct from the band.


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