In My Tribe – I’ll Bring You Joy

In My Tribe is the Popguns frontwoman Wendy Pickles. I’ll Bring You Joy was originally written by her for the Joy Choir Collective in Hove. This version has been recorded, in home lockdown during April, in order to raise funds for RISE which is a Brighton & Hove based charity which supports people affected by domestic abuse. It’s a vital service, of even greater value during the Covid-19 crisis. It’s a beautiful song for a worthwhile cause. You can get the song from here. Additionally you can sponsor Wendy at JustGiving. Continue reading In My Tribe – I’ll Bring You Joy

The Popguns – Carrying The Fire EP

The Popguns have built upon the two tracks they submitted to WIAIWYA for their recent The Moon And Back – One Small Step For Global Pop compilation celebrating the 50th anniversary of the The Apollo 11 Moon landings (or did they eh, eh?) for this new EP – or Space Operetta as the band say. Both of the aforementioned contributed tracks are here and one, the title track with it’s title lifted from astronaut Michael Collins’ autobiography, is a rousing guitar driven track asking “are you ready to go…….one step” which is sung singer Wendy Pickles in a raucous manner. … Continue reading The Popguns – Carrying The Fire EP

Various Artists – The Official Matinée World Cup EP

With the football, soccer if you prefer, World Cup kicking off next week Matinee Recordings have released a World Cup EP featuring five songs from five artists from countries partaking in this years tournament. Australia’s Last Leaves give us some jangle pop complete with cheering crowds whilst Spain’s The Royal Landscaping Society song harks back to their 2010 triumph. There are more cheering crowds on The Popguns effort Red White And Blue with the band doing their usual jangling thing driving England on to another quarter final defeat – if they make it pass the group stage this time that … Continue reading Various Artists – The Official Matinée World Cup EP

The Popguns – So Long

It’s been a quiet couple of years for The Popguns since 2014’s Pop Fiction album and subsequent singles especially if you ignore last year’s side project The Perfect English Weather and the hit & miss album Isobar Blues. The good news is that they are back and June will see the release of the new album Sugar Kisses. So Long is the first single taken from the album and it features their trademark, infectious jangle pop sound. What’s not to like? It’s currently available as a free download so hurry! Sugar Kisses will be out on Matinee Recordings. Pre-order it … Continue reading The Popguns – So Long

The Popguns – Pop Fiction

I have finally got around to listening to the new album from The Popguns and like the recent single Lovejunky (included here) there are no real surprises here in comparison to their previous ouput – their last album A Plus de Cent came out in 1996. However when that is all done & said it’s a thoroughly enjoyable listen and isn’t that what it is all about? The aforementioned single is a highlight as is Still Waiting For The Winter which harks back to a certain single from 1989. Only on Not Your Night Tonight does that pace take a … Continue reading The Popguns – Pop Fiction

The Popguns – Lovejunky 7″

The Lovejunky 7″ contains the first new Popguns songs for 18 years. Whilst that is a long time The Popguns sound hasn’t changed one bit. Phew. The label claim it’s a smash hit. Who am I to disagree? Classic, vintage indiepop…….. It’s out on limited edition cherry red vinyl and the title track is backed with Long Way To Fall and Home Late. Neither of these tracks will appear on the forthcoming Pop Fiction album. Lovejunky is out now on Matinee Recordings. Order from here. Facebook PS: I know I mentioned this song back in June but it’s out now!!! Continue reading The Popguns – Lovejunky 7″

The Popguns – Lovejunky

Not only have the Popguns joined the ever increasing list of 1980’s indiepop bands to reform these past couple of years they have also gone one better by reusing the title of their third album as the lead track on their first EP since 1996’s Harley Davidson single. It will be a three track affair and will be out on Matinee Recordings in the summer and the title track will be backed by Long Way To Fall and Home Late. And what does Lovejunky sound like? Well just like they haven’t been away to be honest. It could easily fit … Continue reading The Popguns – Lovejunky