Various Artists – The Official Matinée World Cup EP

With the football, soccer if you prefer, World Cup kicking off next week Matinee Recordings have released a World Cup EP featuring five songs from five artists from countries partaking in this years tournament.

Australia’s Last Leaves give us some jangle pop complete with cheering crowds whilst Spain’s The Royal Landscaping Society song harks back to their 2010 triumph. There are more cheering crowds on The Popguns effort Red White And Blue with the band doing their usual jangling thing driving England on to another quarter final defeat – if they make it pass the group stage this time that is! Brazil’s Pale Sunday surface with their first new material for six years with Dirt Pitch Superstars willing the tournament favourites on towards their sixth successful world cup campaign.

Highlight for me though is Sweden’s Red Sleeping Beauty’s cover of The Charade’s 2006 effort Dressed In Yellow and Blue turning a jangling indie pop classic into a synth pop dance floor essential. Red Sleeping Beauty’s Magnus Karlsson is a member of both bands of course.

Regardless of whether this is seen as a novelty release there are some good songs here and it’s a great opportunity for Matinee to flex their muscles and show how strong their roster is. Result! The Official Matinée World Cup is available on CD and digital formats from here.

And here is The Charade from 2006:


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