Never Dream – A Synth Pop Mix

A mix covering a number of varieties of synth pop including 80s retro sounding synthpop, post-punk and coldwave, the darker side of synth pop and pure unadulterated pop music! Enjoy.

Full Tracklisting:

Xeno & Oaklander – The Light, The Whisper
Taken from the current album Hypnos.

Murheet – Älä Kysy Liikaa
The standout track from the current Musta Tähti EP.

Red Sleeping Beauty – The Swedish Winter
The lead single from the current album Stockholm

Korine – Never Dream (Korine Club Remix)
Stunning remix of one of the standout tracks from last years New Arrangement LP which now available on the New Arrangements Remix EP.

Harmjoy – Only The Nightmares Survive (The New Division Remix)
Remix of the current single by the excellent New Division.

In Good Faith – Not What I Wanted
The stonking new single by the German Synth-poppers.

Analogue Electronic Whatever – You Never Did
The current single from this excellent analogue synth artist.

Lord and Master – Idiots And The Rich (Redux 2 Version) (Dek101 Remix)
Remix of the current single. A new single will be out soon!

Schaumstoff – Not Programmed For Love
Taken from the Phantoms and Ghosts – Side A EP which is out now.

Train To Spain – Monsters
Pure pop music from Sweden! Out now on Sub Culture Records.

If you want to be kept up to date with the future mixes when they are posted as well as the ability to download current and previous mixes drop me a line from the contact page with Add to Mixes List as the subject title.

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