Site News

Firstly I kept up with my target (okay resolution then) of posting a minimum of one post a day throughout January. Not sure I can keep it up all year but I will give it a go. Just some news about the site if you are interested.

1. The site is now ad-free.
2. It now has it’s own url at instead of the bog standard wordpress one. Go on, try it!
3. Facebook page – I am no longer on Facebook (another resolution!) but FB would not let me close the page down so it’s now abandoned. Sorry if you were wondering what was going on. I am on Twitter though.
4. Sadly I am going to stop using Playmoss. It’s a great idea but lack of integration, when compared to Mixcloud, with means it’s days are numbered for me. I will still leave the link up for now.
5. Records I Like now has it’s own Spotify account if you use that service. Not sure the Deezer account will last though.

Er that’s it…….

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