Records I Like Podcast December – Best of 2018

55 tracks in my best of this year. Were they the best tracks in 2018? For me yes as they gave me plenty of plays, thoughts, meaning and enjoyment. Looking at the 55 choices my tastes have certainly changed this year. I have listened to Techno a lot more this year. Almost as much since I started listening to it 25 years plus ago and I was amazed that artists from then are still making some amazing tunes.

Coldwave influenced post-punk gets stronger or maybe it’s because I am listening to and discovering more. Epic Shoegaze has also featured highly and I wish some of the selections lasted longer than they do. Finally indiepop shows no sign of giving ground in my listening habits. It’s a varied bunch as the top 15 demonstrates:

15: Haiku Salut – The More and Moreness
14: Vonda7 – Babcia (Original Mix)
13: Night Flowers – Hey Love
12: Otha – I’m On Top
11: Parsnip – Feeling Small
10: Jeanines – Hits The Bone
09: Primitive Lips – Image of Truth
08: Molchat Dolma – Volny
07: Andrew Younker – Thankful
06: Bootchy Temple – Lady Sunshine
05: Lightfoils – Summer Nights
04: Fashionism – Come Oh My Baby
03: Jetstream Pony – Self-Destruct Reality
02: Tracy Thorn – Dancefloor
01: Ricky Hell – Nela Park

Stream the top 15:

And here is a fully comprehensive playlist of the Records I Like Top 55 tracks of 2018 counting down from 55 to 1. Tracks 55-16 are not in any order of preference. Press click on the image to start – enjoy!

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