Business Unusual…..

Time for a round up of post-punk singles & EP’s

Product KF – Product Kf

An interesting release this from the art work as well as the fact that they have just uploaded side one and two of a cassette to bandcamp without splitting the tracks. Musically it’s great. Opener Today is very Gang of Four especially the guitars whilst No Love In Our House sounds very raw, like an early Factory Records band demo. Talking of Factory they even cover Tunnelvision’s Hydroplanes. Essential post-punk listening.

Primitive Lips – Image Of Truth

Another great single. The incurious vocals contrast with the elevated guitars that swirl around and finally draw you in and don’t let go. It’s a cert for post-punk dance-floor.


The Last Passenger – Останній пасажир (The Last Passenger)

There is no shortage of post-punk coming out from Eastern Europe especially Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine. The Last Passenger hail from the latter and impressed me earlier this year with their Memories track. There are three tracks here leaning towards the coldwave side of things with Чотири слова (Four Words) being the highlight.


Control Room – Retreat

Retreat is the debut release from Mississippi based Control Room. There are four tracks featured and if synth driven post-punk is your thing you are onto a winner here. It’s very authentic sounding and the artwork is top notch. Standout track for me is Ground Rules although each of the tracks here are consistently strong. Recommended.

Available on cassette from here.


Consejo – Primera Parte

This Spanish band impressed me with their self titled debut back in February this year and they deliver the goods once more on this release. The two tracks here are dark and melancholic, sometimes goth tinged, post-punk with the epic sounding ***** just edging it.


The End of Electronics/Sierpien – Split

Russian label Sierpien Records specialises in all things Russian post-punk and this split release is, at the time of writing, the latest release on the label. The End of Electronics effort Electricity is an instant post-punk classic and contains all the vital ingredients that make it work so well. I am less keen on the Sierpien effort Renovation which is way to arty in a Devo/Talking Heads style for me. Get it for the first track though. And how beautiful is that artwork?

If you are a fan of all thing post-punk orientated don’t forget the playlists I have been compiling since last year. Plenty to explore!

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