Something For The Weekend? Shoegaze….

This weeks pack of three features three recent Shoegaze releases that stand out from the rest.

Lost Echoes – The Things We Said EP

The follow up to No Tomorrow features three tracks none of which bears the EP’s name. It’s rawer and rockier compared to the aforementioned release and I like the droning feel of the songs.


Red Haze At Night – Pages

The Pages EP is the debut release from Italian shoegazers Red Haze At Night consisting of four songs that twist and turn. Whilst three of the songs follow the shoegaze template (doing it quite well it has to be said) the standout track is the short but sweet In Your Life which crosses over into post-punk territory and I have a pariculiar liking for the vocals on this one.


Yukla Down – In Demonstrationem

This release contains three songs and one listen of Torture Me (With Your Kiss) saw me hooked. Whilst the band don’t describe themselves as Shoegaze (just rock) their music contains many elements that sees them sneak into this short list! Think Secret Shine, Air Formation, MBV, early Ride etc. and you are halfway there. Impressive.


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