Something For The Weekend – Coldwave & Synthpop from Russia

This weeks pack of three concentrates on post-punk of the coldwave and synthpop varieties from Russia.

Фирма-однодневка – Кабаки

This is an excellent vintage sounding coldwave track that would have not been out of place in Belgium or France circa 1981. They also have an album available but I have yet to listen to that.


яблоня – мысли

Female fronted infectious synthpop that sounds like parts of Man Machine if it was mixed Vince Clarke. Really liking this (the vocals are great) and they have plenty more on offer on their bandcamp page. That’s more to delve through – it’s a tough life eh?


More synthpop this time with dour post-punk vocals contrasting greatly with the upbeat synths. This lot have been going for six years now so there is plenty in the archives (please put your whole discography up for sale!) to enjoy. Some of the early tracks are well worth a listen if there are too many for you decide which one (s) you should play next!!!


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