Something For The Weekend? Three Influenced By Joy Division……

This week’s pack of three encompasses three artists who have given themselves a tag as Joy Division on Bandcamp.

Mementut – Into the shadow of God

Very Gothic sounding especially the trademark vocal style and any club that wants to recreate the goth scene of 1980’s northern England could well give it a spin. It gets a bit samey for these ears although on Valyrian and Asylum there are hints at better things to come.

Triebgesteuert Antriebslos – Music Is For Losers

The post-punk project of a lo-fi hip-hop artist. There are some interesting ideas here and some of the Joy Division and other post-punk influences can easily be heard. November Grey Cities and Lichtaustuerzu are the stand out cuts.

Arlen – Negatives

On the opening bars of the recent single Rescue Me you think they may have something but…. Whilst they are very musically competent over this, their debut album, it’s the vocals that are a complete turn off for me being very weak sounding and unable to do the music, let alone that Joy Division tag, justice.

Still. It could be worse.

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