Deary – Fairground EP (Demo)

Deary are a new band describing themselves as “dream pop from London”. No surprise then that recently released Fairground EP Demo is their debut release and it contains four tracks which are all worth exploring.

The title track combines trip hop beats, ethereal vocals and shimmering aural swirls whilst Only Need opens a bit like Heaven or Las Vegas and the Cocteau Twins influences persevere throughout. The trip hop influences return on Sleepsong mixing with electronica whilst closer Heaven, which is possibly the best track here, is the most dreampop sounding which dares to be different now and again.

A great EP which is not tied to one genre, taking various elements and making a beautiful sound. Which begs the question if these are demos what will the “real thing” sound like? The Fairground EP (Demo) can be purchased via the band.


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