Records I Like Mix May 2022

It’s been a busy month as the lack of posts show. That has not prevented me though from plugging in and listening to some new music and this months mix collates some of those tracks. So enjoy this months selection of dream, indie and jangle pop.

Full Tracklisting:

Slo Moon – Fading
The Muldoons – Audacity
Say Sue Me – No Real Place
Phantom Handshakes – Come Undone
Business School – Lose You
Holy Now – Hold Me / Know Me
Poster Paints – Into Your Arms
Atmos Bloom – When We Met
Butcher Boy – So Far So What?
Deflated Lovers – Shallow Breathing
Dottie – Flood
Hater – Renew, Reject
The Stroppies – Smilers Strange Politely
Buddhist Bubblegum – Merry-Go-Round
Belle & Sebastian – Reclaim the Night
Silver Biplanes – Think Again
Peaness – Left To Fall Behind
Castlebeat – Looking For Something
Jeanines – Gotta Go
The Blue Herons – From Here
Arts & Letters – It’s People Like You That Make Me Want to Go to Prison

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