The “Oooh It’s A Bit Hot” Sampler……

A strong shoegazing/dreampop sampler for you today with the vocals being the standout for more than one track. As ever enjoy!

Here is the Playlist:

or listen on YouTube.

Track Listing:

Atmos Bloom – when We Met

The second single to be taken from their forthcoming album by the Manchester based dream pop outfit. Hazy sounds with chiming guitars which is out now via Spirit Goth Records.

Castlebeat – Looking for Something

Another track from yet another forthcoming album via Spirit Goth Records. I am really glad the band have moved back towards their original sound as their poppy, dancy and experimental phase just did not work for me. Playing to their strengths, Looking for Something sounds like a dreampop tune fronted by a post-punk (spirit goth?) singer. It works and it works very well. Get it from here.

Strangers In My House – Clouds

The distinctive vocals certainly give the Polish band Strangers In My House a pretty decent selling point in an over crowded and sometimes not very original shoegaze market. They blend from the ethereal to an almost baroque style.

Coming Up Roses – Slingshots

Maybe I am contradicting myself here as Singapore’s Coming Up Roses stick pretty close too the shoegazing template musically on this track that is taken from the forthcoming Everything Is EP. Again they have a fine vocalist in Emily Sera who gives them something other shoegazing bands don’t have. Her voice stimulate thoughts, creating patterns in front of your eyes as you listen. Not sure? Grab it from here or pre-order the EP from here.

Slo Moon – Fading

Imagine the Cocteau Twins with a male vocalist instead of Elizabeth Fraser and you may understand what I am getting at here as the swirling ethereal sound envelopes you. No chance of this one fading from the consciousness for a while yet methinks! Lovely.

Lost Echoes – Stay With You

Stay With You is the latest single to be taken from the forthcoming album Stars which will be released via Velouria Recordz in the summer. Blurred vocals, pounding percussion and hypnotic chords place this one on the darker side of the dreampop spectrum.

Lúa Gramer – La Espada

La Espada is the first we have heard from Badajoz based Lúa Gramer for a couple of years. Fitting in with other tracks in this list the song is dominated by the female vocals with the music erring on the poppier side of shoegaze mixed with some early 1990s influences.

Teenage Tom Petties – Boxroom Bangers

Boxroom Bangers is taken from the forthcoming album from the Teenage Tom Petties (The project of Tom from Rural France) which is also the name of said album. As evidenced on the track the band are heavily influenced by the early 1990’s US invasion – the Lemonheads first album or two spring to mind. The album will be released on June 03 2022 via Safe Suburban Home Records and can be pre-ordered from here.

Beach Bunny – Karaoke

An enjoyable (and very catchy) indie rock track layered with poppy overtones. It’s taken from the forthcoming album Emotional Creature which is out via Mom + Pop on July 22 2022.

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