Sillas – Mamlaka

Sillas is an indiepop band from Cirebon, Indonesia. The band consist of Zaimmuddin Mukarrom (vocals/guitar), Obeth (guitar), Dani (drums) and Athar (bass). The bands label state that Silas are the first indiepop band to sing in Arabic as Zaimmuddin Mukarrom, who also plays in the band Kaveh Kanes, is of Arab descent. His lyrics are about his experiences of being both an Arab and a Muslim.

Sadly there are no words to translate and the label writes that “one track is about the love of a father/man and the other is about the dangerous betrayal of those closest to him.” Not sure which song is which mind! Mamlaka is a dreamy sounding indiepop track that glides along seamlessly whilst the much shorter Hadza Huwal Hubbu introduces jangling guitars into the mix. Both songs here are well worth a listen.

Mamlaka is out now via Anoa Records.


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