Gascoigne – Hook Line Sinker

I mentioned Indonesian indie rock band Texpack the other day and today we hear from another highly band from that country. Jakarta based Gascoigne have been around for a few years now and are due to release a new album, titled Bond Electric, on Anoa Records. Hook Line Sinker is the first taster from said album and it has a distinctive US slacker/college rock sound that comes with a lot of bounce and catchy vocals. Gascoigne? Paul the other one (I will get me coat….) Continue reading Gascoigne – Hook Line Sinker

Texpack – Perfect Buzz

Perfect Buzz is proof that not all Indonesian bands take their inspiration from the city of Bristol in England’s west country. Perfect Buzz takes its lead from Seattle born grunge before settling on an all encompassing college rock sound. However, it’s the fuzzy guitar sound of Ocean Breath I prefer and the vocals somehow gives the song a poppier edge. These two tracks were originally found on the 2016 Courageous EP released on Hujan! Rekords and they have now been released as a free download single on Dismantled. An album follows later this year on Anoa Records. Continue reading Texpack – Perfect Buzz