The Umbrella Puzzles – False Starts & Mishaps

The new EP from The Umbrella Puzzles sees some of Ryan Marquez’s songs released on a physical format for the first time courtesy of a limited CD release on the Greek label Melotron Recordings. Alongside these tracks are re-recordings of Do What You Can and Peace of Mind.

The four songs featured contain a mix of jangle pop and twee with a heavily addition of alternative country – just check out Beautiful Noise for that last reference point. Vibrating guitars and Marquez’s words & vocal style means that it is likely that these songs will be easily remembered for a while yet. The pick of the bunch for me is Pick Yourself Up which originally appeared on March’s Outtakes release and it now gets a place on prominent release which it thoroughly deserves.

False Starts & Mishaps is out now on extremely limited CD and of course digital formats. Order from here.

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