The Umbrella Puzzles – Slip Through The Cracks

The Umbrella Puzzles is the project of Ryan Marquez who also appears in Apple Orchard and the Golden Teardrops. Marquez’s low key indie/janglepop under The Umbrella Puzzles moniker has impressed these ears and the three tracks here are no exception.

Drawing on influences from between the 1960s to the 1980s, the songs here are well-crafted indiepop tunes and The Loft/Pete Astor influences are prevalent especially on the two tracks exclusive to this release (Peace of Mind, Beautiful Noise).

Marquez writes that these are outtakes and will not appear on the forthcoming A Slowly Dawning Realization album. That makes me wonder how strong the album will be because these two tracks are very impressive indeed taking me back to early Creation Records.

A different mix of Slip Through The Cracks will feature on the album and the single mix possesses a retro sound associated with bands from down under. A fine start to 2021! I for one am looking forward to that album.

Slip Through The Cracks is available digitally via Boring Spaghetti Records.

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