Something For The Weekend? Three New Singles

This weeks pack of three collates three brand new singles.

H! – Stay At Home

It’s been nearly a year since we heard from Jakarta based H! and I am not sure if it is still just the one individual, Adi Cumi. I guess he/they have been listening to Another Sunny Day quite a bit because Stay At Home is reminiscent of Harvey Williams efforts. A fine slice of twee indiepop.

The Blue Herons – Electric

Andy Jossi and Gretchen DeVault deliver another fine jangling indiepop cut on Electric. DeVault’s voice is catchy as ever whilst her lyrics and Jossi’s instruments jostle for attention. However just as it threatens to soar majestically into the air it suddenly fades out when in reality the guitars could have carried playing for another minute or three. An absorbing 12″ cut is needed methinks!


Warsaw Pact – Monarca​/​Witnessed

Los Angeles post-punk band Warsaw Pact are back with a new lineup and a double-sided single. Monarca​ is a frantic arty post-punk affair that blends Interpol, Franz Ferdinand alongside the usual suspects. Witnessed carries on in the same vein resulting in an enjoyable romp that is headed towards the dancefloor of your own home-based post-punk club. Oh. Just me then.


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