Something For The Weekend? Twee Tracks

This weeks pack of three features three bands with twee (or twee-punk) influences in their music.

Star 99 hail from San Jose, California and comprise Saoirse, Chris, Cole and Jeremy. The six-track My Year in Lists is their debut and is a blend of twee-punk and noise pop. The tracks are catchy thanks to the power-pop chords and the voice of Saoirse. It’s an enjoyable romp and should be played loud or, if possible, even louder! Brady Song is my pick of the bunch (see what I did there?)

My Year in Lists is out now digitally via Bug Body.

Staying in California we head to Davis for two interesting tracks from the new to me Parlor Hour. Again there are some twee influences alongside the alt-rock guitars and the words on Daydreaming certainly resonate. The songs are short and sweet and are a significant improvement on the demos released back in February.

Grrrl Gang’s single from February, Honey Baby, get’s a release on Kolibri Rekords in the band’s native Indonesia. It’s somewhat different as the remaining four tracks on the EP are either covers or a remix of the original track. Personally speaking, none of these is a patch on the original although the version by Yosugi turns the song into a beautiful ballad with some lovely, haunting keys that sound like rain falling. That alone is enough for me to shell out once more!

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