The Darkest Rooms Where We Collide

We have not had a post-punk mix for ages so again experimenting with my new mixer here is another mix for your listening pleasure – or maybe not! – consisting of post-punk tracks aimed for the dancefloor.

The mix title is taken from the lyrics from the Actors track Strangers which features in the mix alongside the likes of Ash Code, Lebanon Hanover, Korine, Twin Tribes, Boy Harsher and others from the first few months of the year.

Full Tracklisting:

The Last Passenger – Холодний подих грудня
DILK – Bad Habits
Korine – Sunshine
Boy Harsher – Electric (Kris Baha Remix)
thewalkingicon – Naive
Child Of Night – Dirtworld (Delphine Coma Remix)
Ohne Nomen – Fell (Nightflower Remix)
Lebanon Hanover – Hard Drug (Qual Remix)
Venus In Disgrace feat. Gianluca Divirgilio – Hedda Gabler
Actors – Strangers
Echo Image – Walk My Mind (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)
Kalte Nacht – Our Moments Are Answers
Disrupted Being – Innocence
No Trust In Dawn – Lost and Apart
Ductape – Tuzak
Ash Code – Fear (Molchat Doma Remix)
Twin Tribes – Fantasmas (Ash Code Remix)

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