Spotlight Kid – Darkwaters

Nottingham’s Spotlight Kid have just released their new EP Darkwaters. The title track is a thumping effort mixing shoegaze with krautrock. The joint vocals make the song sound a bit like an early Ride but when ethereal vocals emerge they give the track a distinct edge as they fight to be heard over the droning guitar sound.

It’s an effective mix and it is no surprise that is the lead track on the EP which features two more songs in the shape of With Every Heartbeat and Cherry. The former features shimmering guitars which then burst into a fuzzy ball of noise whilst the latter echoes to the Cocteau Twins before extending into hushed post-rock territory. The backing vocals of Katty Heath are sublime which contribute to making it my highlight of the three tracks on offer.

The Darkwaters EP can be purchased digitally from the band. More EP’s are due to follow this one and their previous effort Roller Skate Disco. They will then be compiled on an album due for physical release in the summer.


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