Jumping Someone Elses Train #2

Yesterday I mentioned some of the blogs I read in order to discover new music. Today I want to mention one of the regular mixes I listen to.

I have been following Stephan’s Emmas House Music (named after that song) for a while now. There is a bit of crossover between us both (good taste fella) but I do find some excellent tracks from this show when that doesn’t happen. The new single from Lyon Tide, as featured on his latest mix, is a case in point.

The mix itself is a monthly one and it has recently increased to around the hour mark. Whilst it mainly features new tracks the odd classic is thrown in for good measure as well.

If Mixcloud is not your thing you can also listen on Soundcloud.

Stephan also has a relatively new show on Indie Lounge Radio called Emmas Housemates. This is a themed indiepop mix as Stephan takes us through his music collection and the recent one features indiepop tracks featuring trumpets. What! No Fanfarlo?

You can read all about these mixes on his Website. Recommended listening.

Jumping Someone Else’s Train will become a regular feature.

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