Something For The weekend? Three New Singles

This weeks pack of three feature three new releases plucked straight from my Bandcamp feed.

Corduroy – Gråa Dagar

Swedish band Corduroy follow up last October’s Blomster with a new song. The aforementioned single was self-released but it looks like the band have signed too VÅRØ. Gråa Dagar reminds me of their fellow countryfolk The Radio Dept. albeit with ethereal female vocals. The percussion on this one is excellent as the swathes of dreampop guitars wash over you. It’s all very pleasing to the ears!


Pulsations – Of Vultures and Sickles

Copenhagen’s band Pulation’s second single manages to mix post-punk with 1980s indiepop with the result being a track that sits equally well with both camps. Of course, you could argue that 1980s indiepop is post-punk and you would get no argument from me. Back to the song and it’s best to imagine a darkwave band with the lyrics of a Smiths era Morrissey. Stephen Patrick would hate the programmed beats on this one being as dancey as they are. The smooth vocal and the basslines complete the picture. That’s two great singles from this band. Here is to a third in a row. For now, you can get this one via Crunch Pod.


Films on Song – Ritual Song

Charlottesville’s Films On Song continue to impress with their retro indiepop sound. Unlike their previous releases, this one scales back their obvious influences such as The Smiths and Orange Juice and allows them to input their own take on the sound which was a process that started with last Decembers False Starts EP. It’s backed with a demo titled Venus Sickness. It’s another recommended listen.


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