Records I Like Mix February 2021

As lockdown continues so does my exploration of music. The UK indie scene shows signs of growth. Swansea Sound and the returning Lodger keep the flag flying. Foundlings have renamed themselves Hadda Be and deliver a punchy slab of alt-rock whilst Modesty Blaise plan to reveal their first album in 20 years. There are also excellent new tracks from Fine, The Third Cut and Pale Blue Eyes. Of course, there is also plenty from around the globe too including efforts from Spain, Indonesia, Russia, Australia, The States to name but a few.

Please use the search function to find out more and if you can support the artists in this mix. Especially on forthcoming Bandcamp Fridays. Feedback of the non-musical kind always welcome and as ever, please enjoy.

Full Tracklisting

The Third Cut – Sugar, Stop
Kindsight – How I Feel
Clubwater – Secret Smile
the Churchhill Garden – Fade Away
Flannel – Personal Notes on Herman Grid
Fine – 2023
Pale Blue Eyes – Motionless
the Laundromat Chicks – Have You Ever Seen a Ghost?
Oktober86 – Sabtu Sore Bersamamu
Sullen Eyes – Take Our Time
Relay Tapes – Daylighter
Dayflower – In The Clouds
Drinking Boys and Girls Choir – Gonna Tell You
Candace – All I Wanna Do
Cathedral Bells – Ether
Flyying Colours – Goodtimes
Mashmellow – We Own the Night
Spunsugar – (You Never) Turn Around
Firestations – The Circular
Gloria – You Had It All
Axolotes Mexicanos – Que Te Pires
Modesty Blaise – Girls Just Wanna Dance
Silent Run – Too Many Times
Swansea Sound – Indies of The World
the Lodger – Dual Lives
the Age of Colored Lizards – Fading
Hadda Be – Another Life
Phantom Handshakes – No Better Plan

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