Flyying Colours – Goodtimes

Melbourne’s Flyying Colours will be releasing their second album and the follow up to 2016s excellent Mindfulness towards the end of next month. Titled Fantasy Country it will be released on London’s Club AC30. The initial run of coloured vinyl has sold out – sorry I got the last one!

The band, who take their influences from the UK Shoegazing scene of the late 1980/the early 1990s, have made two tracks available for streaming. Both the tracks were self-released as singles last year including the energetic Big Mess. However, it’s the first of those two singles that grabs my ear. Goodtimes is likely to be one of the best, if not the best, shoegazing tracks you will get to hear this year.

It’s fuzzy and hypnotic whilst the male/female vocal chime in unison. Beguiling stuff and if I had heard it the first time around it would have been in last years top 10. Rest assured it has already cemented its place in the 2021 end of year charts!

Unless the album gets a second pressing you can order it digitally from here.


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