A Monday Trio

Sunday Records have/are releasing (depending on the format) a new compilation titled Beautiful Noise. The album features 10 tracks, all instrumentals, that border on the ethereal (Fawns Of Love, The Proctors) to ambient electronica (Memory Fades). Also featured are the likes of The Arctic Flow, Teen Idle and many more. It’s blissful stuff, perfect for chilling, headphone listening or both! Those on Stateside can order from here whilst……..

UK fans of the label can also smile somewhat with the news that the label has set up a UK version of their store. No more eye-watering postal charges here and a big pat on the back for the label for making such a move. Start with ordering Beautiful Noise from here.


Flowerbed continue to impress with their latest EP. There are five tracks on the Hollow, with the opening track For You jumping straight into my end of the year lists and I suspect yours too after a listen. Crush (Interlude) would have been a perfect fit for the aforementioned Sunday Records compilation whilst the title track it’s dreampop at it’s haziest.

Hollow is available digitally from the band.


Belfast’s Sea Pinks called time after a decade earlier this year. The band’s Neil Brogan now has released an album entitled Weird Year which comprises of 11 home recorded songs covering the prevalent theme of 2020. Lockdowns, anxiety and family all feature with the previous single For The Waves being the standout for me. Not unsurprisingly it sounds like Sea Pinks given Brogan’s distinct vocals. This one can be purchased from here.


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