Hiki – A Trip To The Sea

Russian act Hiki return with their seventh album A Trip To The Sea. It’s a welcome return to form after April’s underwhelming split release with Green Horizon. If you have not heard Hiki before the sound is vast, atmospheric dreampop driven by programming and synths with the tracks having a feelgood effect. This is backed up by guitar chords that give some songs, such as the title track, a chilled-out Balearic feel taken from a sound from years gone by.

I also like the fact when vocals emerge that they are barely heard being hidden behind a shimmering, hazy aural wall. Sunrise and Night Creature are prime examples of how effective this can be.

When first listening to an album by Hiki there is always a track that grabs me and which I continually come back to time and time again. On 2017’s Closer the title track wormed it’s way into my brain as did Kitten on Stargaze from 2015. With A Trip To Sea, it’s the closing track The Snow Will Fall Again that takes this award. It’s had a number of plays whilst writing these words.

A Trip To Sea is a pleasant album that deserves a few spins alongside a few smiles. It can be purchased digitally from the band.


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