Records I Like Mix July 2020

It’s a bumper mix this month running at just over two hours. So get stuck into shoegaze, dreampop, indiepop, jangle-pop and a lot more besides. All the tracks have featured on these pages and in light of the absence of the normal accompanying details please use the search function to find out more and if you can support the artists in this mix. Enjoy!

Full Tracklisting:

Apple Orchard – A Slow Dissolve
The Shop Window – Mannequin Lies
Hater – Sift
Day Aches – After Glow
English Summer – I Know You
Loca Polka – Surrender
Spunsugar – Happier Happyless
fine. – Whisper To The World
The Crystal Furs – Hey Maxine
Fowl Science – The Flowering Eye
The Slow Summits – Safe and Sorry
Lazy Eye – One Thirty Three
The Umbrella Puzzles – Do What You Can
Weathering – Changing Colors
93millionmilesfromthesun – All Am Now
Boy With Apple – Green Eyes
Planet Loser – Small
Plastic Estate – This Place
Mashmellow – Melt
Blue Tomorrows – Violet Shine
Lizzy – Les Fleurs Mortes
Teen Idle – Sometimes
Secret Shine – Ember
Seasurfer – Too Wild (Wires & Lights Remix)
Star-Crossed Lovers – In the Shadows
Sea Pinks – What Just Happened
La Naissance – Night Doves
Thud – Hotel 65
Tough Age – Repose
Münchhausen – Here Again
Fun With Ether – Roselle

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