Sua – Hormak Apurtzea

I cannot say that I have heard of Sua before. The band, who are based in the Basque Country, already have an album and EP under their belts. The new single, which translates as Breaking The Walls, has been recorded during the current lockdown and the band write “we claim the opportunity to be in places where we can’t physically be with our imagination”.

The song itself is a hybrid of alt-rock and synths and with the latter driving the song forward. The female vocals are very dominant and powerful with it too. The moment in the song where the singer pauses for thought and talks through the lyrics works really well as the suspense grows before launching into another full-frontal aural assault.

Listening to the band’s earlier work such as previous single Ordu Beltzak I cannot say that it grabs me as much as this single does sounding like it’s destined for a festival stage. That said Hormak Apurtzea is a great track and one destined to stay on my player for a while.


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