The Wednesday Mix

The Yearning has gone all ABBA on us as the new single Only When I’m Dancing demonstrates. The flip side Moonlight Fantasy errs on the side of disco. It all brings up images of wide lapels, flares, tassels, sparkling dresses and glitter balls. It’s very nice and fun too – check out the video. I wonder if they will move onto the 1980s next? When I’m Dancing is out now in digital formats via Elefant Records.

Atlanta’s Bathe Alone has released six tracks since last September with new track In Deep being the latest. It’s an indie-rock track that tells of the demise of a relationship in circumstances I can emphasize with. A debut album Last Looks should hopefully follow soon. I don’t normally recommend buying discographies but I am going to make an exception here.

Mexican band Useless Youth are back with a track that was originally written for their 2018 debut album Cities. It didn’t make the cut, appearing on the Towns EP instead. This version has been reworked and remastered – to great effect it has to be said. There are some nice jangling guitar bits and longing vocals here making it a must-listen indiepop tune.

Try by Miami’s airhockey is a pleasant but ultimately sorrowful song. Musically the song’s sound is emotional, sometimes haunting, whilst the vocals have an air of translucence about them. Lovely in other words and it’s their best work to date. Get it from here on a pay what you want basis.

The National Honor Society released their album To All The Glory We Never Had and it is still on my “Too Review” pile. The band posted an alternative version of Be Gone over the weekend. It’s an alternate take which was recorded during the sessions for the album being in contrast to the album track as it sounds more lo-fi and laidback. It’s a temporarily release in order to raise funds for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. You can purchase it here.

Capitol’s new single is a joint release with Meritorio Records (EU & UK) and Kingfisher Bluez (US & Canada). Titled Weathered it’s a great post-punk/indie tune with a synth sound that will embed itself alongside some nice backing vocals from ELIO. It’s a great choice of single. Weathered will be released on July 31st 2020 and will be backed with Piano Exit. All the pre-orders can be found here.

Johny Nocash released a new EP at the end of last month titled INFP​-​T. It features four songs with the incredibly catchy The Ballad Of Richard Leap being my pick of the bunch. It’s out digitally on his own Broken Down Records label.

The 80s and 90s indie-pop influenced Lizzy (and is it the Fanatics as well?) has been making music for a half a decade now. New song Middle Child is a jangling, sometimes poppy, affair with some rather nice synths to boot. DIY pop at it’s finest. You can get this one from here.

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