Something For The Weekend? Three From The Inbox

This weeks pack of three were straight from Friday’s Bandcamp inbox and all feature shoegaze, dreampop or both!

Forever Vessels – Tide

“For fans of Slowdive, Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine” Forever Vessels proclaim on their Bandcamp page which, to be fair, is not a bad way to grab one’s attention.

The band, who comprise of Craig Douglas from Omega Vague and Dani Mari aka Primitive Heart, will be releasing their debut EP Heirloom at the beginning of next month. The track Tide, which was released as a single back in April, is available as a preview. It’s an ethereal track with some near ambient sounds accompanying Mari’s voice.

I certainly can get the Cocteau’s reference as it sounds like Robin Guthrie is in their somewhere. He is a handy remixer. Maybe they should give him a call.

Heirloom can be pre-ordered from here.


Day Aches – After Glow

After something so gentle let’s ramp up the noise somewhat with the latest release from the self-confessed “heavy shoegaze and grunge” outfit Day Aches. The lengthy After Glow is the second single to be taken from the forthcoming EP Fever Dreams that is out on Monday. More shoegaze than grunge we get loud guitars and the sometimes barely audible vocal style so loved by many a band. If you cannot wait until next week you can get the single here.


Fun With Ether – Roselle

I am guessing Fun With Ether are big fans of Chapterhouse and their song Pearl as I found myself drifting off to that instead of concentrating on the band’s first material in two years. Recorded at home during lockdown my previous statement isn’t a negative phrase, far from it in fact and Roselle is another fine example of ethereal shoegaze that I could have on repeat for the day. You know what, I think I will just go ahead and do just that…..

Get it from here on a pay what you want basis.


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