Tampopo – Half A World Away

Tampopo’s last release Atompop was a pretty good EP so I was keen to hear how the follow up fared. Opener Down Under wrong footed me at first but the initial 1990s guitar sound soon gave way to more familiar indiepop sounds. OMG is one of those songs that remind me of so much but I just can’t put my finger on it! Suffice to say it’s a terrific jangling indiepop song with boy girl/vocals and erm, t-shirts.

Despite coming from Denmark you would be forgiven thinking that the band come from, as the EP/first track titles and the artwork suggests, down under.

On the closing two tracks there is more than a nod to the likes of The Cannanes, Go-Betweens, The Lucksmiths  alongside influences from the Dunedin Sound in Tompopo’s compositions.  Sassy Pants is attractive with it whilst the quirky Sorry For The Elf is my pick of the bunch as those joint vocals and jangling guitars provide a catchy end to another fine EP. It’s no wonder the band write that they are proud of this EP. Recommended.


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