Soma Cake – The Longest Hug

I missed the latest EP from Reynosa’s Soma Cake when it came out last month but now it’s got a release on Stupid Decisions, that excellent label which promotes music from the band’s home country Mexico as well as Central and South America. It’s the follow up to 2018’s Girls Bite Harder album and the band continue down the road to melancholy.

Fusing dreampop, post-punk and shoegaze the guitars are ably supported by the drum machine/sequencer whilst the songs tell stories full of gloom and woe. Lyrics such as “I couldn’t be happier to die by your kiss”, “feeling empty deep inside, chased by the wolf pack don’t look back” or “the way that you embraced death only to find that nothing can compare” emphasise such. That said such lyrics resonate with me and songs such as Claustrophobic Love and When We Were (Angels) are most good but, in truth, the whole EP is worth a listen or five.

The Longest Hug is available from both the band and label on a pay what you want basis.


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