UK Indiepop 2019

cropped-records-1.jpgThe UK indiepop revival that peaked a few years backed seem to have died out so I asked this question on Twitter the other day and it sparked a lot of chat and replies. Thanks to everyone who was involved.

A number of the replies mentioned bands featured on this blog in the past whilst there were a lot of names that were new to me. I am not sure that some of the former met the criteria but as indiepop has a pretty wide ranging sound it seems to be a good idea to include them. So, with all that in mind, I have collated most of the suggestions as a Spotify playlist and manage to hold back from calling it C19. This is despite the late inclusion of C86 originals Close Lobsters whose have just released a new single in the shape of All Compasses Go Wild .

Of the stuff that was new to me I really enjoyed The Caress and Buffalo Postcard. The latter remind me of a very early Ride. Enjoy!

For those who do not use Spotify you can find a You Tube Playlist below – A link to it on Youtube is here.

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