Super 8 – Backers & Maracas

Backers & Maracas compiles tracks taken from Super 8s’ three albums from 2018 alongside a few new songs. Given that the label’s name is Subjangle, which also has an accompanying blog at Janglepop hub, I was expecting some discordant guitars but instead this compilation is full of 1960s inspired songs.

There are hints of The Beatles, The Monkees, The Beach Boys and The Byrds as the album shifts from pop, surf pop, psychedelia and then back again. There are also covers of Neil Diamond’s Cherry Cherry and Michael Head and The Strands X Hits The Spot.

Musically Backers & Maracas is suited for some late night spinning or Sunday morning chilling. In both scenarios the album blends into track after track being both relaxing and soothing to the ears especially on the likes of You Say You’re Leaving and The La’s like in both sound and title, Callin’ Out.

If, like me, you were previously unaware of Super 8 this compilation is the perfect starting point. Go on, take a trip!

Backers & Maracas is now out on Subjangle.


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