Compilation Week – Chiaroscuro. Italogaze 2018

Italian labels Seashell Records and Vipchoyo Sound Factory have come together to produce this compilation which gathers 13 new tracks from the Italian underground shoegazing scene. Whilst bands such as Stella Diana, Mary’s Restless Dream and RevRevRev were previously known to me the majority aren’t and this is a good starting point for the scene which has been affectionately labelled as Italogaze.

And of the bands who I haven’t heard previously? I really enjoyed the post-punk meets shoegaze vibes of Electric Floor with I Made It Up whilst Klam, who have been around since 2012, delight with the quirky Begging For Money On The FB Chat. There are further nuggets from the psychedelic sounding The Yellow Traffic Light, BeStrass and their epic dreamwaves and Lay who deliver a poppier take on the genre, circa 1992. Of course there are some tracks that don’t excite but given I have been moaning about the lack of originality lately amongst efforts tagged shoegaze on Bandcamp there are more than enough ideas found in this compilation to warrant delving deeper into the back catalogues of some of these bands here as well as searching for more.

Download it for free from here or here.

Seashell Records
Vipchoyo Sound Factory

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