Catching Up. Again!

It’s been a busy time at work and as you can tell by the lack of posts I have not had much chance to listen to much new stuff. Preparing for the Culture Bunker’s 5th Anniversary night hasn’t helped either but that’s one chore I am happy to have.

Enough of me moaning. Here are some of the tracks I have been listening too. No words from me either!


Rocketship/Pia Fraus – Outer Otherness/Cloudy Eyes

Split 7″ single which you can get from here.

And just as I write this post Rocketship, who offered parts of their track for remixing, have released a number of mixes from those who took up the offer:

Rocketship Homepage
Pia Fraus Homepage


Punctuation Club – Clever

Excellent indiepop from New York. Very clever indeed. Out now on February Records.



The Kensingtons – Naive

A track that was originally earmarked for a release on Dufflecoat Records as part of their singles club.


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