From Russia With Love

youthThree Russian bands for your enjoyment today including two who I have mentioned before.

First up is Moscow’s Commis Voyageur whose new digital single Youth is about being young. Yeah I vaguely remember that. Anyway both tracks here, Moonlight and Submissive, are catchy synth led efforts with the former taking the glory as it is the most vigorous of the two. Available as a free download from Bandcamp.



For The Empty is the new single from Herlights and like above this title does not appear on either of the two tracks that comprise it. Laidback dream pop at its finest where the vocals on Alice barely make it pass a whisper…. Yours for a dollar….


Horsefish are a new name on me despite releasing music since 2012. Hailing from Pskov their music inhabits the world where post-rock, shoegaze and, to a lesser extent, krautrock collide. Six excellent instrumental tracks make up the recent Verb Sessions release of which the addictive (and well danceable!) Pangasius stands out for me.


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