The Belafontes – Desk Job

Melbourne’s The Belafontes have a new EP out collating their past couple of single releases (Big Man and Steppin’ Out) and a few new tracks. It’s two of the new tracks (or new to me) here that get me jumping around. 8 Bit Town is catchy, thrashy punk with the protagonist seeking departure from “this backwards town” whilst Tired deals with the monotony of everyday working life. They could well be the best tracks the band have laid down so far. Seafood is another punk-pop song where the villains are not partial to someone different whilst final track Portland sounds … Continue reading The Belafontes – Desk Job

The Belafontes – Big Man

Just as the sun finally disappears from London Town in 2019 this is exactly what I need from down under via the band who just love summer, sunshine, parties and erm, some more. Big Man is a surf pop/rock inspired track complete with fuzzy and distorted guitars. The breezy garage inspired vocals are a hit too as the singer wants to be on the beach, with the sun on her back, instead being trapped by a self-appointed bore. The Belafontes never fail to entertain and on Big Man that’s no exception. Facebook Continue reading The Belafontes – Big Man

The Belafontes – Roll On

The Belafontes have compiled the four tracks they have released on bandcamp over the past year and released them on vinyl and cassette formats alongside the usual digital ones. But like me you should have these four tracks already no? You can read what I thought about Where the City Meets the Sea & Gemini. I am not sure why I have not mentioned the other two. Suffice to say they are both also fine examples of punk/surf pop. Whenever I play The Belafontes I get a feel good boost. Why don’t you get a sugar rush too? Pre-order from … Continue reading The Belafontes – Roll On