Post-Punk Sunday

The new single from Cold Cave is a cover of Absolute Body Control‘s Waving Hands. It stays faithful to the original although sounding darker and denser. Get it from here whilst the original version is available here. Warsaw Pact have released an album of demos called, erm Demos (2016-2109). The release includes two previously unheard demos in the shape of Made by Design & Discshop Inquisition. Maybe it’s one for the fans who are familiar with the originals but given it’s available on a pay what you want basis it’s also a good introduction to the band. Midnight Cure always … Continue reading Post-Punk Sunday

New Today – Cuts & B​-​Side

Two slabs of contrasting post-punk tracks from New Today who themselves are a collaboration between Casuistry and Two One Six so understandably both bands influences are prevalent on these tracks. Cuts is a goth-tinged synthpop track that would find favour with fans of Alien Sex Fiend and Clan of Xymox whilst Let Me Loose, which is my pick of the two, edges closer to the likes of Joy Division, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and Bauhaus. Available on a pay what you want basis from bandcamp. Continue reading New Today – Cuts & B​-​Side