Melenas – Osa Polar

Spanish band Melenas have just released their cover of Eisbear which was originally released in 1981 by Swiss post-punk band Grauzone. It’s a valiant effort as the original track is a revered classic. Hopefully it will introduce Grauzone to a new audience and maybe voice versa! Incidentally Grauzone’s self-titled debut saw a 40th-anniversary release earlier this year. And here is the original Facebook Continue reading Melenas – Osa Polar

Melenas – Ya No Me Importa/Si Tú Me Quieres

I am not sure where Pamplona’s Melenas have been hiding for the last 18 months but it’s good to hear them back again on this double a-side single. It features two lovely slices of 1960s inspired garage pop complete with fuzzy guitars and girl band vocals. It’s available on 7″ vinyl and digital formats direct from the band. Facebook Continue reading Melenas – Ya No Me Importa/Si Tú Me Quieres