August Round Up #2

It’s been a bit quiet around here recently so let’s rectity that with a few tunes. Citrus Clouds – Golden Sun Reverb heavy indie/dream pop from Arizona and follow up to last years excellent Ultrasound LP. Facebook Deaf – Shards I really enjoyed Deaf’s Truancy single and Shards carries on in pretty much the same vein. It’s an enjoyable track with a strong retro feel yet sounds like something fresh. Another strong vocal performance from Luke Kavanagh whose voice has has a ring of Billy Mackenzie to it. Facebook СТОПКРАН & Please Tokyo – Split Interesting split cassette from two … Continue reading August Round Up #2

Deaf – Truancy

More dark post-punk this time from New Zealand’s Deaf who, after a bit of digging, I found to be made up of former members of Sunken Sea and Tiddabades who remain unheard of by me. Truancy is an amazing debut song made distinctive by the unique vocals of Luke Kavanagh. Fleeting synths and toned guitars add to the mix giving the track a haunting atmospheric feel. A keeper and a taster for the debut EP that is due out later this year. Maybe those previous bands will not be unheard of for much longer! Facebook Continue reading Deaf – Truancy