August Round Up #1

I have been ploughing through my inbox following a week away. Here are some of the best. Well Whale – She’s a Punk She’s a Punk is the debut single from Indonesian band Well Whale. Jangly and twee and no punk chords in sight. A fun indie-pop tune. Instagram Ruby Haunt – Jeune Jeune is the second single to be taken from the forthcoming album The Middle of Nowhere which is due for release at the end of the month. Reminds me of the indiepop bands Heavenly used to put out many moons ago. Mesmerising and heartfelt. Facebook Charivari – … Continue reading August Round Up #1

Compilation Week – Russian Tour 2

This compilation, compiled by Belka Records who are based in Moscow and Paris, features Russian speaking bands from Russia and The Ukraine. Skip pass the dreadful first track and persevere. Only Verbludes were known to me before but after listening to this a few more will be too especially the glorious post-punk sounds of Gruppa Hmuriy and Fleece Flower as well as the indiepop of Park 17. As with all compilations what one person likes another will not so delve in and I am sure there will be something that grabs your attention before long. Available on cassette or digital … Continue reading Compilation Week – Russian Tour 2