Maripool – Softly

Maripool is the project of London based Natasha Simões who arrived in the capital aged 18 from her native Lisbon. The first single Blindness was released in February last year and whilst the follow up has been a while it’s well worth the wait.

Softly errs on the darker, gloomy and melancholic side of dreampop (nightmare pop?) and Maripol writes that the track “was written as a form of exorcism, there’s an evil inside of me that needs to come out but in the end I decide to keep. In the music video that’s what I wanted to get across, as well. There’s an evil, which is portrayed as the jester, that follows me around but in the end I welcome it and come to terms with it.”

Oh, if you don’t like the sight of spitting blood I would give the video a miss!

Softly is out now digitally and can be picked up from Bandcamp via Practice Music.


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