Post Punk Tuesday

Detects – Pretend To Change

It’s sometimes hard to describe post-punk tracks to those who have yet to hear this type of music because it’s origins are rooted a generation ago i.e. when I was a nipper. I am as guilty as the next person when lazily mentioning Joy Division or early Cure as influences but these are evident to me on both tracks that make up this single. It’s what you do with those influences that counts and the Mississippi based Detects use them to great effect. The vocals have that gothic air about them whilst the guitars and synths swirl. Buildings & Bars is pretty immense and if I hear a better post-punk track in the next month or so I will be surprised.


Deceits – En Soledad

Los Angeles based Deceits utilise both English and Spanish on this gothic rock inspired post-punk single. It’s a pulsating but melodic guitar dominated track whilst the somber words deal with disconnecting from the modern world.


Troie – New Age

The French band Troie build upon March’s self titled debut EP with three more songs which sound like they were recorded over forty years ago. The vintage coldwave and early electronic sound populates the EP as mechanical, sometimes scuzzy, synths and deadpan female vocals dominate. They even add some rock and roll guitar to the mix too. A lot of bands aim for that retro sound but not many pull it off with the style and panache of this Rennes based act.

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