Something For The Weekend? Three New Singles

This weeks pack of three features three new singles that were released earlier this week.

Holy Now – Hold Me / Know Me

Swedish band Holy Now are back with a new single that encapsulates the ban’ds sound over the past few years. It has has not really moved on since I first heard them a few years back but if it ain’t broke….. This one is a gentle indie-pop song that dreams then swoons around the melodic guitar and Julia Olander’s delectable voice.

It’s out now via Lazy Octopus Records with a silly price which suggest something else may be coming our way. Either that or they forgot to put a decimal point in the right place!


Wehatethesmiths – A

Wehatethesmiths are from Kassel, Germany and A is the lead track taken from the band’s debut EP New Crack. It’s a track steeped in melancholy and post-punk influences from the past which later became indiepop. The other tracks on the EP are pretty fine and there is not a bad track to be found.

Investigate further via the cassette and digital release that is available direct from the band.

Phantom Handshakes – Come Undone

Come Undone deals with the current situation in Ukraine and I would suggest other warzones too. The jangling guitars belie the sombreness of the words meaning that the lyrical content is more nightmare than dreampop.

All proceeds from the single will be going to Emergency which is a charity founded to offer free, high-quality medical and surgical treatment to victims of war.


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