The Ēostre Sampler

I had a Cholecystectomy earlier this week that required an extended stay in hospital. Luckily I took my Bandcamp app with me because here is a playlist of some recovery tuneage! As ever enjoy!

Here is the Playlist:

or listen on YouTube

Track Listing:

Pale Skies – Solace

Pale Skies are a duo from Tangerang, Indonesia and describe themselves as ambient pop. Stripped down to vocals and a guitar Solace is a dreamy and chilled indiepop track.

Tallies – Hearts Underground

Hearts Underground is the latest track to be taken from the forthcoming album Patina that is due for release on July 29 2022 via Bella Union.

Joyride! – Birthday

Birthday is taken from the brand new album Miracle Question that is out now via Salinas Records.

Atmos Bloom – Daisy

An absolute belter of a single from Manchester’s Atmos Bloom. It’s out now via Spirit Goth.

Mint Julep – If I Say Tomorrow

I cannot say I am Mint Julep’s biggest fan but If I Say Tomorrow is a very, very good single indeed. A lovely sounding song that could do with an extended version to play out the ending.

Flowerbed – Crying

A welcome return for Flowerbed with a dreampop single that literally gets better with every play.

Lost Echoes – Stars

Portland’s Lost Echoes will be releasing their debut album in the summer. Stars is the title track being a dark shoegaze track that comes together in all the right places.

Oh No It’s Diva! – She Was Really Messed Up

A tribute to Devo from the French riot grrrl/punk rockers who feature members of Cheap Riot and Mary Bell. Fun as these things should be. Out now via Music From The Masses.

Otoboke Beaver – Yakitori

Sadly Japanese punk quartet Otoboke Beaver have had to cancel their forthcoming tour. As compensation we can enjoy an extra single from their forthcoming album Super Champion to cheer us all up. As manic and noisy as ever. Skewered?

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe – Theme of Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe is the Japanese band The Harriets and friends. This track is seeing a reissue via the Indonesian label Gerpfast Record. Twee pop at it’s cutest and sweetest.

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