Something For The Weekend? Three New Albums

Regular readers, if there is such a thing, would know that I am a fan of the 45 rather than albums for a number of reasons. That said the amount of albums I have purchased this year has already surpassed last years total. I have been looking forward to hearing this weeks pack of three ever since the various singles were lifted from them. Note that the words below have been taken from the accompanying press blurbs.

No Suits In Miami – Nothing Ever Happens

“The album is a collection of songs whose main theme is that nothing actually ever happens. Whether or not you´re walking on the beach in the middle of February or dreaming about owning your own garden house. The band took their favourite parts from the classic indie pop labels Sarah and Luxury and added their own take on what a good pop song should be about, which resulted in an album the band themselves would have loved when they started the band.”

Nothing Ever Happens is out now in vinyl and digital formats.


Kindsight – Swedish Punk

“There’s not a single song on Swedish Punk that would feel out of place on the soundtrack of a 00’s independent movie. The band possess an unmistakable talent for crafting disarmingly buoyant yet achingly nostalgic indie-rock songs based on the everyday. Swedish Punk is a truly addictive debut, steeped in optimism, wit and melody. A treasure trove of charming and infectiously catchy indie songs, sprinkled with a good measure of dissonance and noise.”

Swedish Punk is available in a range of formats from Rama Lama Records.


Ghost Transmission – Get Me High

“Ghost Transmission return with Get Me High, an album that flees from the immediacy of the creative processes and pays homage to the sounds of the 50s-60s. Ghost Transmission returns with a renewed line-up. Miriam and Tatxo present ‘Get me High’, their third studio album that is pure noise rock without artifice. Through the tracks of Get Me High, you feel that longing for the years when a single was heard only on radio stations and music shows. Recovering the artisanal process from its very conception, Ghost Transmission is committed to a complete listening experience, with echoes of the origins of the genre in the 50s and 60s.” (Translation)

Get Me High is out now via El Genio Equivocado.


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