Cœur-Joie – Allumettes Au Bout Des Îles

Cœur-Joie is the project of Martin Meilhan-Bordes who I know from his involvement with Bootchy Temple. Meilhan-Bordes is joined by a few of his bandmates too and a number of the psychedelic elements found in Bootchy Temple have made their way over to this project too. There is also a mixture of indiepop, chanson (1960’s French pop) and a bit of arty post-punk too.

With all that you must be wondering how does it work and the answer is it simply does – well after a few listens in my case. It’s far removed from anything I have listened to this year as discordant, quirky guitars can be found alongside experimental sounds, keyboards, pianos and words delivered in a poetic style.

I am sure the closing, and title, track would find favour with most who read this pages thanks to it’s C86 inspired jangling sound. However I suggest persisting and you could find your self engrossed with a very fine mini-album indeed.

Allumettes Au Bout Des Îles is available on CD from Melotron Recordings (Gr) or cassette from Hidden Bay Records (Fr)


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